Why we need to learn from our mistakes.

How many of you have made mistakes?

How many of you made mistakes in your academics.

In your exam paper something went wrong instead of pressing right you press wrong. 20 marks gone like that in exam by making a mistake right?

How many of you made mistakes in dealing with your parents by shouting at them and then regretted? Felt really bad. I shouldn’t have done that. Isn’t it?

How many of you have made mistakes by judging your friend wrongly and then feel it actually it was  my mistake not his/hers. Isn’t it?

Possibly we could be making serious mistakes in our life, especially in the zeal of youth. In the super duper enthusiasm, zeal, energy as young men and ladies, we could be making serious mistakes in our life.

But what’s the beautiful in life is- life allows us to correct those mistakes. Isn’t it?

Behind a pencil there is a rubber. And the first time we got a pencil with rubber, and an eraser behind.

Because mistakes can be erased.  Some mistakes we made can be corrected, some mistakes we can’t – the consequences are so bad. We just have to now to have the support system to handle it. Many mistakes can’t even be reversible sometimes. Isn’t it?

Which is why it is said – to make a mistake is a part of our nature. Is there anyone who doesn’t make a mistake? Accepting the mistake shows our culture. There are some people who just don’t accept that they made a mistake.

To make a mistake is a part of nature.  Accepting the mistake shows our culture. And correcting the mistake is progress. If we accept the mistakes and correct it, that is called a progressive life. Progressive life is to accept that I made a mistake. And to try and not to repeat it again and improve in the area that we made a mistake.

So, here I am sharing with you five points why you need to learn from your mistakes:

Learn from your mistakes

1. They are our best teachers

Failure teaches us what works and what does not. We often experience that learning is more effective in failure than in success. While success can make decision makers remain where they are, failures can help renew their strategic directions and practices.

We can learn lessons from proverbs such as “every cloud has a silver lining,” “every crisis is an opportunity,” and “failure is the mother of invention.” But we must also ask ourselves these four questions to understand the benefits of failure.

2.They make you smarter

The actions you take in the face of failure are critical to your ability to recover from it, and they have huge implications for how others view you and your mistakes. Failure is a product of your perspective. What one person considers a crushing defeat another sees as a minor setback. The beauty is that you can change how you see failure so that you can use it to better yourself.

3. They make you positive

The experience of the mistake isn’t the only teacher, it’s whether you sink or swim after it. Great leaders are strong swimmers. Michael Jordan noted after being criticized for making a bad drafting call for the Bobcats, “I think we’ve grown from it. I’ve grown from it and hopefully down the road when you make a choice, you try to make a better choice.”

4. They make you brave

Living without mistakes is living only half of a life. There is nothing greater than looking back on your past experiences and seeing how you overcame them, how you learned from them, and how you became a better, happier, smarter, braver, and stronger person because of them.

5. You get more experience in life

You need to experience what doesn’t work. That’s how science experiments and research are conducted. When you do apply this in your life, the results of the experience stick. They enter your subconscious and stay there. If you don’t make a mistake, you cannot learn.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.


  1. One you can add is mitakes teaches us to guide our life to on track. Mistakes are the indicator that you are doing something new, different. It is very important to keep on going and learn from your mistakes. Thank you for sharing this article.


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