mr. bean

Rowan Atkinson – The Mr.Bean. His full name is Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, born on 6th January 1955 in consett, County Durham.

His bullies called him alien face. He was constantly teased growing up because of his stutter. Without many friends, young Rowan kept to himself. He was incredibility shy, but immersed himself in science classed at school and worked hard to get good grades.

One of his teacher said:

“There was nothing outstanding about him. I didn’t expect him to become a fantastic scientist.”

But his hard work eventually paid off. Rowan got an admission to the prestigious oxford university.

During his studies, he took an interest in acting but couldn’t perform well because of his stammer. He earned master’s degree in electrical engineering, but it was acting he wanted to pursue. So, he joined a comedy group. But a lot of TV Shows rejected him due to his speaking disorder.

He felt crushed and defeated. But despite all the rejection, Rowan still believed in himself and was determined to keep chasing his dream. He soon realize he could speak fluently whenever he played a role on a stage. “I found that when I played a character other than myself the stamming disappeared.

Still, he kept getting rejected because of his looks. So, he went into radio instead. And over the next ten years he started developing a bumbling, child-like character, which he began performing at various festivals. Rowan’s portrayal of this silly character, with no name, made audience with laughter.

Eventually, he brought his character to television and started his own show, “Mr. Bean” which quickly became a global success.

Through acting, Rowan was able to free himself of his stutter.

And while it still bothers him some days, he’s learned to use it to his advantage, by integrating it into his acting. Today, he’s one of the most famous comics in the world. He has a net worth of $130 million. And is a proud father to his three children.

We should learn form this short story of Robert Atkinson – The Mr.Bean. His story reminds us to never stop believing in our dreams.

The older you get, the more you realize how happenstance has helped determine your path through life.

You should Never give up, whatever the situation is.

As Stephen Hawking said:

“Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the Universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem there is always something you can do and succeed at it. It matters that you don’t just give up.”

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