hugging is the beautiful form of communication

Hugging is one of the most amazing things that we could ever give another person. When we receive or give hugs, it gives us a sense of comfort, care, love, and understanding. Hugging is essentially a form of therapy in itself.

Knowing this, wouldn’t you say that a hug every day is a good idea? We know that we think this way after reading the many reasons why hugging is so great!

People don’t realise but there is an actual science that happens within us when we are receiving a hug or giving one to someone else. The physiological changes we experience deep within as we are being hugged could even be described as one of the ultimate forms of being human and alive.

1. Balances the Nervous system.

A tiny pressure sensors Pacinian corpuscles which are linked to your brain. When electricity and moisture hover over your skin during a hug, your nervous system becomes balanced. In Simple words, this means they like the feeling of being touched.

2. Reduces your stress level

Getting a hug from someone can quickly ease your stress levels, especially when they are already having a bad day. We often underestimate just how powerful hugging is. This makes your mind to feel clearer and calmer. You will feel more positive and less stressed.

3. Your mood becomes better

A hug will increase how much serotonin is being produced in the brain, which is responsible for a positive mood. Therefore, more serotonin from a hug equals a better mood.

Something to keep in mind when thinking about depression or those who are lonely, is that they are experiencing really low levels of serotonin.

A hug helps the brain produce more serotonin and endorphins into the blood vessels, reducing the feelings of sorrow and creating happiness.

4. It helps in relaxing your body

Hugging can actually cause your muscles to relax in the best ways possible. When you receive a hug from someone, your muscles will start to release tension all over your body. This makes us wonder why we aren’t hugging each other more!

5. Improve Heart Health and decrease Heart Rate

Being hugged or giving a hug will actually decrease our heart rate, which can be a vast improvement to our health. Essentially, the lower your heart rate is the less trouble you will have for cardiac illnesses

In conclusion, Hugs are important for both our mental and physical health. we should all be hugging one another as much as possible on a daily basis.. This make us happy and feel good, so go hug your loved one today and make a positive change in the world!

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