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Many people working in the jobs that make them heaps of money who aren’t happy, but we don’t know anyone who works around their passion every day who isn’t loving life. We need to find our passion. How to find your passion?

We’re on this earth for only a short time, and the bulk of our adult days are spent at work. It’s worth taking the steps necessary to make sure those hours are as rewarding, productive, and enjoyable as possible.

Andy Frisella founder of Nutrition and Fitness Brand explained it best:

You’re going to go through a time where you’re not giving to make any money. It’s not going to be a week, it’s not going to be a month. And It’s not going to be one year. It’s going to be years. And during that time, if you don’t love what you do, it’s going to be very hard to stick it out. That is something that people don’t understand when they hear, “Follow your passion.” They hear rainbows, unicorns, bullshit. But the truth of it is that it’s important, because if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’re going to be that much more likely to quit when shit’s hard.

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that passion is protective, buoying you when you threaten to become overwhelmed by the stress and frustration that is a natural by-product of entrepreneurialism.(Read “What happens when you become an entrepreneur”)

Passion keeps you happy. It’s When you love what you do, it makes every choice easier.

When you decide to keep working the nine to five you hate because you need the health benefits until your business takes off, when you agree to work for less money than you want because the experience will pay off later.

When you’re passionate about what you’re offering to the world, whether it’s sales training method or vintage toys, the quality of both your product and your content will more likely be what it needs to be to get noticed, valued and talked about.

Here you can find 10 key points on “How to find your passion”?

finding you passion

1. Listen to yourself

The problem is, most of the people end up listening to their “social Shelves,”.

It’s good to listen about others experiences and how they achieve it, but it does not mean you have to do the same in order to be succeed.

These telling will only motivates you to find you passion.

If you end up basing all your decisions on what other people think is right for you, you’ll end up feeling like you’ve missed your purpose.

Everyone’s journey is different. You need to listen to yourself, listen what motivates you. You have to give time to the things to go better.

2. Spend time alone

Take a day off from everything. Isolate yourself from the world for a little while.

Spend a day with no technology, no chores, no cleaning, no friends, relatives, not even family. Unplug the TV, turn off your cell and your phone.

Imagine you have no deadlines, no mortgage to pay, no worries, and no other tasks.

Relax for a few moments and then pay attention to your thoughts.

3. Travel

Traveling give you a wider perspective. It gives you a bird’s eye view. It helps us to look at our lives from a distance both physically and metaphorically.

And when you do that, you’re able to see things a lot more clearly and to find out our true passion. You may find that your true passion is to travel.

Use your surroundings to find your passion.(Read “Life lessons learned through travel only”)

4. Keep a Journal

Keep a diary and write down whatever thought or desires come to mind. Write what makes you really excited, then go through them all and find the ones that you could achieve and actually pursue.

Plan your success and journey to achieve this idea.

5. Try new things

How to find your passion
Explore New Things

Sometime you just keep have to exploring what fits for you. You may be able to find your true passion when you try different things.

Pick up a new hobby, Explore your artistic side, join new communities, exercise and more.

You may not know it, but your true passion could be an athlete or any sport. Though you may think you only like to go jogging once in a while.

You’ll never know what your true passion is until you try.

6. What are your priorities

There’s much less time and energy to do everything. Figure out what you value you the most and what things you put on priorities.

You will feel more satisfied and passionate when you are in control of your choices.

Ask yourself which you could not live without doing or which activities just keep coming back into your life.

7. Do what you love

You need to take a deep look into your life.

You will have to write down all of those things you love, also the things you’ve always dreamed about, but haven’t done because you don’t have the time, the money, or because they’re impractical or even slightly scary.

Ask yourself what I would do if I had no constraints?

8. Ask Questions to yourself

Ask Yourself.

What are my goals?

Even if I didn’t get paid to do it what would I love to do, ?

Activities that makes me feel completely in my element?

9. Meditate

When you train your brain to be alert and relaxed during meditation, you not only heighten your emotional intelligence, you also strengthen your mind.( Read “What happens to you body when you meditate”)

And a strong, resilient mind naturally enhances physical well-being. A lot of things in life are beyond our control, but it’s quite possible to have greater control over our actions and how we respond to the situations we find ourselves in by practicing yoga (Meditation).

When you find yourself, you will find your passion.

10. Combine your talents

Maybe you have more than one talent. Perhaps you’re really great at Cooking and you also love to write. Then you can write a book on cooking tips or How to cook.

It’s that simple only you need to find what you can do without getting tired.

Everyone journey is different, don’t compare your life with others. There are lot of things to explore and lot of new things to try.

Playing video games be a passion. For example, if in a game you like you lead a group of players to fulfill some mission, then perhaps you have a passion for being a leader, enjoying challenges and being goal-oriented.

Plenty of people discover their passion later on in life. It’s never too late! Keep enjoying this journey called life.

how to find you passion
How to find your passion? – Infographic

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