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Welcome to the very first true next-generation gaming service. Google finally announced that its much-anticipated landing into the game industry is called Google Stadia. Google Stadia, it’s not actually a console but it can replace gaming consoles. It’s basically a streaming service, the first real foray into “Netflix, but for games” and from everything we’ve seen so far, it’s seriously impressive.

Google stadia is fully dedicated to the next generation of gaming.

Google Stadia is all about letting you play games on any device, on any screen, as long as you’ve got an internet connection. You don’t need a high specs console or a system. Sounds too good to be true right?

Well, not for Google Stadia. Ahead of its full launch later this year, here’s everything you need to know about Google Stadia.

Last year Google launched Project Stream technology via Chrome last year, in which you stream Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to your browser, and make it that simple. The company worked within an ideal framework of 25 megabits per second, for 1080p / 60 frames per second streaming. “In fact, we only used about 20 megabits per second,” said Google VP Phil Harrison, a long time industry veteran, in an interview. Harrison also said that Google is working on “very clever technology” that will protect game progress in the event of sudden internet droppage.

Check out the video:

Google Stadia is Google’s game streaming service, which aims to let you play games over the internet on any internet-connected device you already own. You don’t need any hardware for this. All the games, and the hardware itself, sits in the cloud, and you’re just streaming the games to your devices – like when you stream a movie or TV show on Netflix,  same with games instead.

What that means is that everything is instant – no download times, no updates, no patches, no nothing – and you’ll be able to play games in 4K with HDR at 60fps, and even upscaled to 8K (and 120fps) if  your device supports output of that that resolution. It will also offer cross-platform multiplayer, additional support for local split-screen co-op, and more when it’s fully revealed no doubt.

As a gamer though, it means not having to keep up with the latest physical hardware, or having a top spec PC or the latest games console.

When is the Google Stadia release date?

The Google Stadia release date is set for sometime in 2019, and it’ll first launch in the US, Canada, the UK and Western Europe. There are plans to expand to other countries from 2020 too.

Google plans to reveal more information on Stadia this summer, Google might make an appearance at E3, more information could come at its own tech summit, Google I/O, in May too.


Google refuses to discuss its pricing plan. Conversations are ongoing with publishers and other partners.

According to Google’s Phil Harrison, the Stadia ?platform is very flexible and will enable developers to engage with their fans in a variety of ways”, which could suggest a number of pricing options for the service.

It’s unclear whether the Google Stadia price will be a monthly or yearly subscription.


Google stadia a new generation of gaming.

Google stadia comes with a specific Google stadia controller. Google Stadia controller is that it will connect directly to the game inside the company’s data center, rather than pairing to the device you’re playing it on. Harrison also told us that ?if you have an existing USB controller that uses the HID standard, it will work.?

So many questions are still unanswered. What is Google’s business model for Stadia? What games will be available when it launches? Will Google’s vaunted cloud infrastructure really be able to deliver instant, perfectly presented games in up to 4K quality at 60 frames per second?

We must also wait to see the responses from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and others.


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