live a happy, magical life

Follow these life’s key principles to live a happy, magical life.

First, let me tell you something. If you should live by one simple principle in life, I would like to suggest it to be this:

Do what makes you happy. Seriously…


Because, in finding and doing that which makes you happy, you will attract more to be happy about it. The positive energy you put out, by doing the things that truly makes you happy attracts more positive energy back to you.

So, it makes perfect sense, to eliminate or reduce everything that makes you unhappy, anything that gives you negative feelings, and replace those things with more of the things that make you feel alive, joyful, abundant, happy and free.

Here are five simple tips to bring more happiness into your life. If you do all five, on a consistent basis, you will soon be living an amazing, truly fulfilled life.

  • First is to spend the time with the people who are good for your mental health.
  • Second is to choose to see the good, a lesson or the blessing in everything.
  • Third is to live your way. Follow your intuition and to not feel guilty for doing things your own way.
  • Fourth is to take care of yourself. Your physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • And finally the fifth is to believe, trust and let go.

Let’s dive into each part so you can better understand how to apply them in your life.

1. Spend time with people who are good for your mental health.

Be picky with who you choose to spend your time with. You can’t get that time back and wasted time is far worse than wasting money. As the saying goes: “The people in your life should be reducing stress, not causing more of it.” The people in your life should be a source of happiness not a vacuum that sucks it out of you.

Don’t let anyone drain your happiness like that. Choose those who fill you up, those who light you up, those with positive energy. If you can’t find them immediately in a person find them in books, in podcasts or in self-development videos.

Once you change and grow yourself, and make yourself that person with the positive energy, the right people with matching energy will show up. Become the person you want the most in your life. Live that energy and I guarantee you better people will show up in your life.

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2. See the good in everything.

Not because everything is only good, but because that is what you choose to focus on, and by focusing on it, you will attract more good. This doesn’t mean to walk around with your head in the sand. It doesn’t mean to turn a blind eye to wrong doing.

It means you don’t give your vital energy to the negative around, but instead choose to focus on, and look for positive, in every situation. Also, It doesn’t take much common sense to understand life is better this way. Whatever you focus on, you will see more of it… so focus on the good.

3. Do it your way.

This is your life. Don’t let anyone to make you feel guilty for living it your way. Don’t let anyone to make you feel guilty for being you. You don’t allow yourself to take in those feelings of guilty, when it might not be anyone else’s intention to make you feel guilty either.

Often we do that as humans, we think and we assume others something of us, or judge us or when in-fact they don’t. Whatever the case the best version of you, can only come out, when you do what is best you. The best you for others, is the you, that follows the path you want to follow. So, for the sake of everyone else, including you, do it your

Your life will begin to change and this is how you going to live a happy, magical life.

4. Take care of yourself

Eat well, Read positive and transformative books. Study yourself. Develop yourself. Go deeper. Transform further. You are your greatest investment, so invest your greatest amount of time in you. Invest your greatest effort in you so you are rewarded with the greatest payoff.

A payoff that will not just benefit your life and happiness but all those you love as well. Strong mind, Strong body, Strong spirit, Strong life.

5. Believe, trust and let go

Decide what you want, believe you will get it with every fiber of your being. Live as if you already have it. Feel it to be yours and it soon will be. When you live in complete non attachment, not needing it to be, but feeling as if you already have it, while living in your complete gratitude for everything you do have things are just attracted to you like a magnet. Life is abundant when you believe, trust and let go. No expectations, If it comes, great. If it doesn’t, great. Either way you are blessed, content and happy.

That is how you live a truly happy, magical life.

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