start business with almost no capital

Perhaps you think you are jobless because you couldn’t find a job after graduation. Maybe you are hallowing in self-pity because you think you do not have enough capital to start up a business. Not to worry because there are a thousand and one business you can start right now if you are determined. With little or no capital, you are on your way to your financial freedom.

According to the Arkad, the richest man in ancient Babylon (the richest city that ever existed),:

“Lucky people are those who are always willing the get hold of opportunities; lucky people do not procrastinate.”


Here are six businesses you can “start right now” with almost no capital if you choose to get lucky. :

1. Affiliate Marketing

start affiliate marketing

With little or no capital, you can easily get started and earn commissions. You don’t need a degree to become an affiliate marketing salesperson; you need to master the skills of selling. Affiliate marketing is extremely easy to get into and involves you earning a commission by promoting other companies’ products and services. In a commission modeled/affiliate marketing business, you are paid according to the number of goods and services you sell.

There are different website like on which you can search affiliate products or you can sign up for Amazon affiliate program. You bring business to them and get paid for that. It provides an avenue for making more sales without paying the seller from personal income.

2. Become a Freelancer

Become a freelancer and start your own business

Why not become a freelancer? A freelancer job offers you the opportunity of making money from home with the gifts/skills you have. Freelancers are self-employed. If you take your time to master a specialized skill, you can make money from it. Websites like and provide you with the opportunity of selling your products and services to a large network of buyers around the world.

Online sales communities offer you limitless opportunities. Whatever you are passionate about, you can exchange them for money. Do you want to work in the literary world, non-governmental organization, entertainment, charities? Do not worry the opportunities are limitless in freelancing.

3. Social media marketing

Start your own social media business

You can convert your social media platforms to money making machines when you advertise and promote your pages to gain a huge following which will eventually attract major brands, companies, and other relevant business to advertise their products on your page.

Marketing does involve a certain level of background knowledge. It is said, if you are not experienced, investing in an online course is not only cheap but will equip you with the adequate tools to start a solo digital marketing agency you could expand in the future.

If you have items that will interest Instagram users, you can easily set up a shop by connecting your account to the service to You can also manage social media, SEO or Facebook ads for clients.

4. Start Cooking Classes

Start cooking classes and do your own business

You can start a business by cooking for money. Whenever your Neighbors and friends have a party coming up, you can offer yourself to cook the meals and be paid a certain amount of money or even do it for free. The more you do it and do it well, you get referrals from friends to service weddings, holiday parties, and other festive gatherings. Everybody loves a tasty meal; you just have to be a great cook and watch your new business grow.

You-tube gives you the opportunity of making money when you create and monetize a YouTube channel and after meeting the requirements of earning money from you-tube.

5. Blogger or Vlogger

start doing blogging and earn more

Are you an expert in a specific field? From travel, fashion, cooking, to DIY, and removal services, if you know how to do something particularly well, why not tell the world through a blog or vlog? All you will need is a computer and a good quality camera. You can make money by offering advertising space and reviews of products on your platform.

6. Start Recycling Things

Recycling is another business to start now with no capital. Everything from aluminum cans to wrangle metal to electronics can be recycled. Check your local yellow pages or search online to find businesses in your area that pay for recycled products. Aluminum cans are probably the easiest product to find for recycling, so gather up your own cans and then check with family, friends, and neighbors to see if you can have theirs and search local parks for discarded cans to recycle.

There are tens of millions of small business in the US alone, and starting a new business to compete in various segment will require hard work and dedication. If you know how to run a business and you have taken the right steps to starting a business then nothing can stop you.

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